Fashion photography for Makisupa clothing.



Travels in Europe

A series of photographs from my semester abroad.

1 (Berlin) Color3 (London) Color5 (London) Color4 (London) Color10 (Prague) Color8 (Prague) Color2 (London) Color7 (Prague) Color11 (London) Color13 (Rome) Color14 (Cinque Terre) Color9 (Prague) Color20 (Cinque Terre) Color6 (Prague) Color17 (Cinque Terre) Color16 (Cinque Terre) Color12 (Well) Color15 (Cinque Terre) Color19 (Cinque Terre) Color18 (Cinque Terre) ColorDSC_0647DSC_0539DSC_0664DSC_0587DSC_1237DSC_0387DSC_0623DSC_0541

Always Sunsets In Philadelphia

A series of landscapes. Honored to once again have my photographs featured on SadSquad Artist Collective. Check them and other awesome local artwork/music at



Bartevian Inc.

Portraits of Patricia Bartevian, one of the Hickory Sisters, and her current antique shop in Boston, MA. All photographs are shot and produced in medium format film.


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